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Moving a piano or organ is no simple matter. Many piano owners mistakenly believe that small pianos can easily be moved from one room to another or even from one building to another. However, unlike furniture, even the small pianos can weigh as much as 300 to 500 pounds! A small upright can be every bit as challenging to move as a large, four-seater sofa. Grand pianos, often weigh anywhere from 700 to over 1,000 pounds. Adding to the difficulty of moving such a heavy object is the fact that pianos, in spite of their weight, are musical instruments that can be damaged if dropped.

Moving a piano requires an understanding of the balance and inertia of pianos, proper equipment, and, of course, plenty of strength. Our movers are trained in all the aspects of piano moving, from disassembly to maneuvering. We can quickly and efficiently move any piano to your specified location. Kolovitz Movers offers over 40 years of experience and the know-how to safely and quickly move your instrument.

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